Tony Stark, The Evolution:


Tony Stark, Iron Man 1: A Soft Boy. Floppy hair and lil smiles. Obviously in love with his secretary and Just Trying To Do The Right Thing. Highkey Vengeful as fuck, many smouldering looks to the camera. You May Swoon.

Tony Stark, Iron Man 2: Dying. In what way, you ask? In All Ways.

Tony Stark, Avengers: Unresolved Sexual Tension With A 90 Year Old. (This is all the movie is.)

Tony Stark, Iron Man 3: Just a Tired old man. Will jump if you speak too loudly. Been through hell and talks about the war a lot. Should probably be on medication. Spiky hair 2 represent Spiky Lifestyle. It’s a thing. 

Tony Stark, Age of Ultron: Oh Fuck robots everywhere fuck fu-

Tony Stark, Civil War: Is just trying his best. Best is no longer enough. Long-time bro and fuck-buddy on the DL, Captian America, leaves him for another mans. His eyes look sad a lot. Painful. 

‘I don’t care,’ he says caringly, whilst caring deeply. That’s actually canon CW content.

Tony Stark, Homecoming: Dad. Whose dad, you ask? Everyone’s. Go to bed right now.